Our Summer Bucket List 2019

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5 years ago Nick and I started dating in the sumer time. It was the summer before he left for boot camp so we were determined to make all the memories before he left for 3 months. While we didn’t make a “bucket list” we did a bunch of these things below and it made for such a great summer! With Nick getting out of the military soon we are excited to have more time do fun things and we plan on doing just that.

Both Nick and I thought it would be a great way to start the next chapter in our life with this kind of list before having to go back to working daily! Nick is most excited about number 16 on the list and I am definitely looking forward to 24!

Regardless of if we finish this list or not it’ll be fun to have a list to refer to if we’re feeling bored. At the end of summer I’ll go through and write a little blurb on what we did with lots of pictures!

What’s on your bucket list?! Did we miss something on ours? Let us know below!



Our 2019 Summer Bucket List

  1. Go Berry Picking

  2. Go to a rodeo

  3. Go on an overnight hike

  4. Skinny dip

  5. Go to a music Festival

  6. Build a sandcastle

  7. Go to an outdoor concert

  8. Do a summit hike

  9. Water balloon fight

  10. Float the river

  11. Go on a road trip

  12. Travel out of state

  13. Visit 2 National Parks

  14. Go to a drive in movie

  15. Get a new tattoo

  16. Off road the jeep

  17. Go Shooting

  18. Each pick a new book to read together

  19. Go kayaking

  20. Stay in a unique airbnb

  21. Make a blanket fort

  22. Have a bonfire on the beach

  23. Run a 5k or a mud run

  24. Take the top off of the jeep and fill with blankets and pillows to stargaze

  25. Make Tye-Dye Shirts

  26. Go To a Ghost Town

  27. Soak in a Hot Springs

  28. Hike to a waterfall

  29. Make Homemade Ice cream

  30. Attend a paint & Sip Class

  31. Go to a new Mcmenamins

“ It’s a smile,

It’s a kiss,

Its a sip of wine,

It’s a summertime”

-Kenny Chesney