Summer Lovin' in Italian Fields | Derek & Sadie

Hey everyone,

So last month was a complete blur between my husband coming home from training and us packing up our place and making the move from Italy to Tacoma, WA. Its crazy how fast the month came and went and of course I missed couple of the month but I was definitely still shooting! It was so hard to decide on a couple but for this month this couple is near and dear to my heart! Our upstairs neighbors in our little apartment finally got in front of my camera and I was sure glad about it! They not only let us borrow their vacuum and their pick up but were just genuinely good friends! We spent this shoot dancing, laughing, and drinking beer. To say it was fun was an understatement! They are so so much in love and these show just how genuine that love is! 

Couple of the month for April, here they are!

Derek & Sadie

P.S Make sure to scroll to the end to see some cute bicycle photos - you don't want to miss these! 

Marissa Yuhas