Italian Antique Market | Love in an Old City | Glynesh & Anthony

May oh May...

It came and went so fast! May was such a busy month. We spent the whole month home in Oregon spending time with family, making up for some lost time. We went boating. kayaking, hiking, BBQing, eating all the American food we forgot we loved and Nick even got to go to California to meet our oldest niece and watch his lil bro graduate from Marine boot camp! While we defiantly miss little things about Italy and Europe in general it feels so good to come back home. 

It's only fitting that the couple of the month would be this fun, very Italian shoot. Glynesh and Anthony have become great friends of ours in Italy and I was so excited that they wanted me to follow them around downtown Vicenza at the monthly antique market. They shopped for sun-glasses, got snuggly cute on a vintage leather couch, and reminisced about memories linked to old rock records. We took a little cappuccino break and then headed home for the day with a whole new set of fun memories. It was a great way to spend one of my last weekends in Vicenza.

Anthony + Glynesh