Ciao For Now Vicenza

     I had planned on having this post the day we landed in America but as always with the military and PCSing back to America nothing ever goes as planned. The day before we were to get on our flights our car didn't pass inspection because of a small line of dirt on the engine so Nick had to stay back an extra day while I traveled with Astraea to America before him.  We all made it just fine and Nick got the car shipped and even though it was a little more stressful then we were anticipating we are beyond excited to be back in America. The last week we have spent our time with family and adjusting back to life in America. Which really means drinking Dutch Bros and eating all the donuts. The time change may be hitting us hard but we are excited about the next adventure we are about to set out on! Living in an RV at Ft. Lewis WA. (stay tuned for more details and photos.)

While we are loving being home here I am, missing my favorite little cafe in downtown Vicenza and going to the market with my best set of girlfriends already. Eating all you can eat fagatini on Wednesday nights and drinking my favorite wine at La Dolche Vigna. Everything has changed but Vicenza will always hold a special place in our hearts. And I know some day we will be back again and we really will feel like we have once again "come home". 

A couple months ago our good friend Karina, took our photos in downtown Vicenza. We can't thank her enough for capturing our love so perfect and for documenting such an amazing part of our story that we now get to share with you all! We truly will cherish these forever. So take a look and enjoy our favorite little Italian town with my favorite guy!

All Photos by Kari Cantu Photography

Marissa Yuhas