Eastern Oregon Badlands | Cassidy, Tony & Remi

Hey There,

So a few weeks ago I got to spend an entire week in Bend! I got to hang out with some of the radest couples, meet their friends, drink lots of beer, and just take in the beautiful scenery. Thats how I got the chance to meet Cassie and Tony. And let me tell you what, they were seriously so dang fun to shoot! They braved at 6am wake up and were just so full of joy when we got out to the badlands. They brought Cassie’s childhood Dog Remi along for some pictures to. I don’t think she minded getting all the loves, treats, and getting to run around like a free bird! But really these three brought all the fun and sweetness to their session! Plus they are crazy stylish!

If your ever wanting a sunrise session HIT ME UP! I’M YOUR GIRL! I might show up 5 minutes late but not without your fav Dutch Bros or Starbucks drink!

Until the next adventure,



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Marissa Yuhas