The Currid- Jackson Family


Let Me Tell You A Story…

A lot of people view my job as just someone who takes pretty pictures. What photographers really do is tell your story. We capture memories you want frozen in time so you can look back and remember exactly how you felt in that moment. What makes photographers really happy is when we get to be apart of your life and continue to tell different stories throughout out your life. I’ve been incredibly blessed with being able to capture so many important events in my friends lives. And I got to do just that for Tyler and Katie. I’m hoping with this post you’ll see just why you should trust me to tell your story.

First up is Katie & Tyler’s Maternity session:

Katie and I met in Vicenza Italy. With us both being photographers we talked a lot about locations, session ideas, and gear. We became fast friends when our hubbies were deployed to the Baltic’s. We ate Indian food, drank wine, and kept each other sane. I was so so excited when Katie asked me to photograph her maternity shoot. Katie and Tyler have the sweetest of love for each other and it definitely helps that Katie has the most contagious laugh/smile around.  

Katie had wanted to shoot at Burano, a little island off of Venice. It's known for its handmade lace and crazy beautiful colorful buildings. Unfortunately, there was a workers strike going on(super common in Italy) and we weren't able to get out to the island so we decided we’d make the most of our evening in Venice. We spent two hours laughing, shooting, and talking about their soon to be lil guy! We drank coffee and walked more miles then we could count.By the end of the shoot Katie had to stop off into a little shop and buy some knock off uggs for 8 euro because her feet were killing her!   


Secondly, The Arrival Of Baby Fox:

I remember when Katie texted me and told he had made his appearance after a long day of laboring! He finally arrived! To read her whole birth story you can click here. Its defiantly worth a read! But I got to see these two become a family of three and completely fall in love with this chunky checked sweet boy. He captivated both of them immediately and their love for each other has grown so much since he was born! Heck, lil Fox even gave me baby fever!


And Last But Not Least, Their Wedding/Vowel Renewal:

Now Katie and I have both moved back to the states. Her and Tyler moved back to Missouri and Nick and I are living in Washington. When Katie and I talked and had been planning their never had wedding/ vowel renewal after putting a deposit on a venue 5 years ago I was so excited for them! It’s always so great to bring the family together and just celebrate all the good things life has brought! Like Katie and Tyler being home after living in Italy for 4 years and having a new baby. But I was so excited and happy when she asked if she could fly me out to photograph their day! I can not explain just how special it is to get to document all these important and personal times for this family and now I was going to meet all of their family, I couldn’t wait. Also it was definitely the dance party of the year because well you’ll see what I mean below!

I have loved getting to capture these moments for this family. It really has been such an amazing experience to watch their family grow and change and love each other so much!

I am not just a photographer. I’m a story teller. And I would love to capture your story next!

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