Moody River Sesh | Brenta River Italy | Whitley & Josh

Welcome March,

Okay, so I know I'm a tad behind but it's still March so it still counts! Here we are! 40 days away from moving back to the states and I've got to say... I am freaking out just a tad. With so much left to do, wine to buy, things to ship, too say it's a lot to do is an understatement. While it is super bitter sweet moving from Italy back to America, I think most of all I am going to miss having amazing people I can call up to shoot in gorgeous locations when i'm feeling in the mood. The couple of the month is a good friend who is an amazing florist and has been doing gorgeous bouquets for my shoots lately, I was feeling really inspired by the weather and from listening to Jaymes Young ( if you haven't heard his music yet your missing out) and decided I would just put it out there if anyone would be up for shooting in the rain. I was beyond happy when Whitley and her husband said yes to shooting with me! They were so fun and so romantic and they really brought the moody-ness to this moody shoot. Shooting them really gave me all the feels, and I hope they give you all the feels too! Here they are!

Josh & Whitley Glasgow

Marissa Yuhas