Sunrise Couples Session | Bagsby Hot Springs with Taylor & Vinnie

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When moving from Italy to the PNW I knew my traveling, adventurist soul couldn’t be put to rest. That just because we were moving back to the states I could not stop exploring. So I made a list of all the places I would love to shoot in the PNW and slowly but surely I am crossing places off of my list.

Bagsby Hot springs located an hour and half from Portland Oregon was at the top of my list. My mom always told me that we came here as kids but I was really little so I don’t remember that. I knew it was gorgeous though based off of what I had seen online. I could just imagine a couple soaking in this gorgeous bath house with wooden tubs, set into the woods. Talk about ROMANTIC! I set out looking for the perfect couple for this shoot and Taylor and Vinnie were just that! They are so natural and comfortable together and you wouldn’t have eve known that I was even there! Their love is so clearly seen when you see the way they smile at each other and hold one another! They really set the tone and mood I was dreaming about for this session. I could not have asked for a more fun couple to work with.

A little history on Bagsby Hot springs though because it really is such special place. It was once used by Native Americans as a healing ground. It is said that no weapons were allowed here as all came to let their sick and wounded soak in theminieral water. Later in the 1800s a hunter named Bagsby was out hunting the grounds when he found the hot springs. A bath house was built and people from all over came here to soak in the wooden tubs. In the 70’s the bath house sadly burned down from candles being left lit by bathers and a new bath house was rebuilt. While there is a bit more graffiti now then probably before once you get the perfect mixture of hot and cold water you don’t even notice any of it. It’s about a 1.5 hike in, but it’s so worth it when your destination means a hot soak in the tubs.

If you haven’t ventured out to this pretty spot add it to your list now! It’s a PNW must! You get a little bit of all the best parts that Oregon has to offer. The huge ferns and pines as you hike in. The fresh air, and a soak in a former healing ground! Sounds pretty magical to me!

Taylor + Vinnie