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Till Death Do Us Part

by John Edward Hill

I will love you, my dear, till death do us part

Till I no longer breathe  

I'll hold you deep in my heart

Till my eyes no longer open and my heart no longer beats My love will grow strong from my head down to my feet

Till my body is frozen stiff, pale, and cold Till I'm lying six feet under   lifeless and without a soul

Till my blood no longer runs pumping through my veins My love will be uplifting   just like a summer rain

I know that what I'm saying may be a little too much But, it's the least i can say about that special place you touch

Even though falling in love came to me as a surprise Every day I feel better because I get to look into your eyes

When saying how much I love you I just don't know where to start

But, to sum it all up  

I'll love you till death do us part


Ray + Desirea  

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