Rodeos, Horses, Hats, and More | Laramie Wyoming | Laurel & Scott

When I booked my flight to Wyoming I knew I couldn’t wait to see some friends I went to college with. It had been a little while since I was there but I was so excited to revisit some of my favorite places and people, Laurel was one of those people. We met freshmen year on the collegiate ranch horse team. But God had other plans for her and half way through the year she became Miss. Rodeo Wyoming!!! I was so excited but sad that we didn’t get to ride together anymore. Fast forward 5 years and she is now a newlywed! It was so much fun to meet her new hubby and catch up on life and hear all about their plans for life. They told me about how they met and fell in love. It was just such a great time to catch up again. I'm so blessed that my friendships lasted longer then just woke I was in college.

I couldn’t be more happy for the two of them!


Scott & Laurel

Marissa Yuhas