Veneto Italy Vinyards | Ian & Kerstin

Welcome to my first blog post!... ever! Please bare with me as I'm just learning how to do this whole blogging thing so I might not be the best at first! 

I wanted a way to showcase some of my couples I get to work with or that I have loved working with! To kind of show them off and give them a huge thank you for just being so great!

The first couple on the blog is Ian and Kerstin Moser. I have shot these two a few times with their sweet little guy Sam and even got to shoot their baby #2 announcement(whoop whoop). But I wanted them to have a shoot just to themselves. Almost like a date night where they could be all about each other and relax for an hour or so! Well if you've shot with me before, you know you're going to get real lovey-dovey with each other and you'll probably spend a good amount of time frolicking, dancing, and whatever fun things I think up. I also loved getting to see just how IN LOVE this couple is with each other. Through marriage, moving to Italy, having Sam and now watching their family grow, even more, they are so good to each other and still have that spark of love! Anyways I think their shoot will speak for itself but here's to you two! May your new little one bring even more love and happiness to your family and never forget to spend some extra time just for the two of you! 

Here they are my first couple of the month!

Mr & Mrs. Moser

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